Design is a boost to be different and visible into a highly competitive market.

Following her nomination by Bpifrance (French Public Bank of Investments), Nelly is proposing a Design Diagnostic to help companies to analyse their position relating to Design and help them to understand how design can help them to perform better.

For established companies, she is also proposing some range reviews analysis in order for them to get an external view of the pros and cons of their collections.

The goal of this offer is to bring another point of view, another eye to a potentiel new project or to an existing project and "How" to improve it.

Here under a Description of this offer:


1/ Analysis of the whole situation (Market/ Competition / Target customer / New usage...)

2/ Analysis of the strength and weakness points (Market positioning / Point of difference with the competition / Brand Value perception...) Visit of the company if necessary.

3/ Recommendations on how to improve the existing:                                                                                          - Modality and realization of specifications for a design Strategy.                                                                        - Identification of the needs (Internal of External).                                                                                                


Accompaniment / Design Services

1/ Writing an offer in regards to the company needs and in response of the analysis.

2/ Suggestions and Recommendations in the approches regarding the difference Design Steps.

3/ Put in place the differents Design and Development step if needed.